May 25, 2022 12:00 PM
Robin Singer of the Falmouth, Cape Cod club.
Empowerment of Girls and Women - the fight against human trafficking through education

ZOOM Meeting


“The topic is in line with an initiative of Rotary International President, Shekhar Mehta, who has identified the Empowerment of Girls and Women as a key goal. He encourages clubs to get involved in the fight against human trafficking through the education of girls and women in places where education is not available.


Together with Anjali Tamang, a partner in Nepal,  I have given presentations at a few Rotary clubs in our district about her history as a past trafficking victim and her courageous initiatives for combatting this injustice in her home village through education, as well as my Rotary club's program against human trafficking.  


We are both working with an NGO called “Her Future Coalition,” that focuses on places where there are the highest concentrations of trafficking girls and women, especially India and the rural areas of Nepal.  


Through Zoom, our Rotary club has a teaching/tutoring program in the school Anjali founded in her rural Nepal village to prevent the trafficking of uneducated young girls to Indian brothels and child marriage, practices which are still common there.   Our club has also been helping fund a Learning Center in Kolkata, India (Sonagachi red light district) which is serving survivors of slavery and at-risk girls and women there.”